Rates / Rules

General Winter/Summer Schedule:
Winter 2019:  November - December - January - February - March
 Summer 2019:  April - May - June - July - August - September - October 
*Summer rates in 2019 will start April 1st and will end November 1st following the pool schedule.*


*Important Notice*

All RV sites - 4 registered persons included for reservation
Cabins that Sleep 4 (#10 & #20) - 4 registered persons included for reservation
Cabins that Sleep 6 (#1-9, #11-19, #21-#24, #26-65) - 6 registered persons included
***Some cabins can be converted to 8 Sleepers and will be alloted 8 wristbands***
Cabins 46,47,64, & 65 are strictly only 6 sleeper cabins.
Cabins that Sleep 12 (#25) - 12 registered persons included for reservation
Located just outside the grounds we now offer either 6 or 8 sleeper deluxe cabins with access to all amenities of the park.
We offer a 2 bedroom, full bath, kitchen, and living area. Located in one of the bedrooms is a Queen sized bed with television and closet. The second bedroom has 2 twin sized bunk beds with television and closet. 
Located in the kitchen we offer a refrigerator with freezer, 4 burner stove, toaster, and microwave.
If you are interested in an 8 sleeper deluxe cabin we can convert our couch into a sleeper sofa.
We do not replenish linens or paper products such as toilet paper or paper towels. We do however offer a laundry facility (coin operated) if you need to wash. 
Additional guests  are charged per person, per day for general access to resort.
The only exception to the 4 allotted wristbands we will make are for families (mother and father) that have more than 2 children all under the age of 18.  We will not charge you for your additional children if you bring confirmation of the parental relation via EACH child's original birth certificate or insurance cards. If you do not wish to bring all of your children's birth certificates or insurance due to security reasons, you may present a photo of these documents upon check-in. If you do not present it upon check-in, you will be required to pay for each additional wristband for the designated price. 
 $20.00 (per person per day)-April 1st through Labor Day 
 $10.00 (per person per day)- Post Labor Day
 $5.00 (per person per day)- November 1st-April 1st ***However, it will be $10.00 per person per day for special events i.e. live entertainment on band weekends
DISCLAIMER: Wristbands are non-exchangeable, meaning that once we have issued out your allotted amount of wristbands included with your reservations (i.e. 4 per campsite, 6 per six-sleeper Cabin, etc.) you may NOT swap them out for new guests. If guest A comes for Friday and you give them one of your free wristbands included with your stay but they leave Saturday and you invited Guest B, Guest B cannot "take over" Guest A's returned wristband.  
Thank you for your cooperation and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Cajun Palms Rv Resort has been a perfect rated 10/10*/10 Good Sam Park for the past 9 consequtive years..
2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, & 2018!!
"Achievement of this honor is a significant accomplishment and deserves recognition. It takes a special commitment by the management of a park to consistently maintain high standards in all areas of their operation. Attainment of a high rating in each of the three categories of the Trailer Life System takes ongoing hard work and dedication, and it's a great pleasure to recognize your park as one of the best of the best...."

Cindy Halley Director - Trailer Life Directory/Good Sam Network
  • 2 Night Minimum on weekends for reserved spots. Walk-ins can enjoy one night stays based upon availability.
  • 2019 Special Event Dates: Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Little Goblins, Halloween 1 & 2, New Year's
  • Holidays & Special Events: Rates are $5.00 higher than normal rates.
Rates, seasons, holidays, rules and policies are subject to change without notice. A first night deposit does not guarantee a set price for your reservation. In the event of rate adjustments, your deposit will still hold your reservation, however you are liable to pay the difference upon check in.








$35.00 per night 

$45.00 per night 


$40.00per night 

$50.00per night 


$69.00 per night 

$79.00 per night 








$109.00per night 

$145.00per night 





$180.00per night 

$265.00per night 







$129.00per night 

$165.00per night 


$140.00per night 

$190.00per night 

Holidays that require a 3 night minimum:
2019: Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and New Years. New years will be a 4 night minimum.  

                    Weekly Rates are charged full daily rate for 6 consecutive nights with the 7th night FREE!
 RV Spots Monthly (30 days) have a 2 person occupancy; for each additional person $50 will be added. You can have up to six people per site.
Winter Regular RV  $550.00 per term
Summer Regular RV   $650.00 per term.
Summer Executive RV    $750.00 per term.
Winter Exectutive RV  RV $750.00 per term.
Cabins are currently not available monthly.
Monthly RV spots are limited and subject to approval or rejection at the sole discretion of Cajun Palms RV Resort.
*You must fill out a monthly application with the front office before securing reservations on a monthly basis.  Once approved, each monthly reservation will require a non-refundable $100.00 deposit each. *
Please contact us for more information regarding monthly RV spot rates.

*RV check-in time is 12 p.m., and check-out time is at 11 a.m. This provides an hour "buffer" time slot to allow campers ample time to depart, without experiencing congestion at the entrance/exit gates.  
*Cabin check-in time is 3:00 p.m., and check-out is 10:00 a.m.

Fun Activities
Movie showing - $5.00 per person, per movie.
(Includes a drink and popcorn)
Arts & Crafts - $1.00 per person

There is a one night non-refundable deposit for every reservation.
 Vouchers for the deposit will be issued if the reservation is cancelled seventy-two (72) hours prior to arrival date.

If the reservation is not cancelled within 48 hours,
you will be charged for the entire stay.
 Double/Triple RV sites are all required to be booked by the same party. Should one site be cancelled in a multiple booking, the remaining parties will be required to move. If one party is already checked in, you still must move to a suitable site.

Early departures for any reason are not eligible for refunds. In the event of any kind of MANDATORY evacuation such as hurricanes, floods, etc., only camping credits (vouchers) will be issued. Vouchers are good for one year.

Request for special credits must be made in writing providing full proof of emergency circumstances claimed.

Rules and Regulations
Rates, seasons, holidays, rules, and policies are subject to change without notice.
All campers and guests must understand and agree to abide by our rules and regulations upon check-in and during entire stay.
RV check-in time is 12 noon; check-out time is 11 a.m.  An early arrival will be charged a $5.00 early arrival fee per hour.
Cabin check-in time is 3:00 p.m. and check-out time is 10:00 a.m.
Pets must not be left unattended at any time. No Pets allowed in cabins.
Mules, Rhinos, Side-by-Sides, 4 wheelers or any other type of ATV's are not allowed.
You must be 21 years of age to rent any spot or cabin in our park; primary renter must be onsite while any member of their party is onsite.
The speed limit for all vehicles (including golf carts) in our park is 5 miles per hour and is strictly enforced.
Please respect the property, our neighbors, and fellow campers.  Do not cut through sites.  Please use the paved concrete roads only.
Please park your RV, car, truck, motorcycle, or golf carts in your designated site only.  No parking on grass.  Please park all vehicles on concrete only and display your parking pass at all times.
Guests and extra vehicles have parking available in our overflow parking lots. One is located behind the clubhouse, one near the front entrance and one on the north side of the cabin parking area.
Vehicle owners are responsible for any and all towing fees for improperly parked vehicle removal.
Please do not give your gate access code to anyone.
Parents are fully and solely responsible for the behavior and safety of their children.
Quiet time is from 10:30 p.m. to  8:00 a.m.
Excessive noise, nuisance, public intoxication, illegal drug use (sale or exchange), nudity, foul or offensive language, explosives, fireworks and firearms are not permitted at anytime.
Dumping gray water on the ground is not permitted.  Each spot has on-site sewer connection. Use of sewer donuts is encouraged.  If you do not own one, they are available for purchase in our convenience store.
Use of water for non-portable services such as washing vehicles is not permitted.
Campers are responsible for keeping their sites clean during their stay. Please do not throw cigarette butts or other trash on the ground.
Trash pick up is at 9:00 a.m. daily. All trash must be in sealed trash bags and placed at the road between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. Please do not put trash out the night before.
Smoking is not permitted in any cabin, building, or structure. Smoking is only allowed in designated outside areas.
Alcoholic beverages must be carried discretely in a cup or koozie.
Use of glass bottles and containers is discouraged throughout the park.
Fires are allowed in all RV spots in approved above ground fire pits only. All fires must be extinguished by bedtime.
Golf Cart Rules - You will have to park your cart for violation of any of these rules.
Personal golf carts are allowed for $10.00 a day which includes your golf cart permit.
No persons under 21 permitted to drive a cart at any time. 
All golf carts must be parked by 10:30 p.m.
You must wear an adult Cajun Palms wrist band at all times.
No horse playing on carts at any time.
No music allowed after quiet time.
Please watch for small children and pedestrian traffic.
Golf carts must not exceed passenger limit.
All traffic signs must be followed, especially the 5 mph speed limit.
Golf carts rented from Cajun Palms RV Resort being operated in violation of any park rules and regulations are subject to seizure without refund.  Operating personal golf carts in violation of any park rules and regulations are subject to eviction of the entire party without refund.